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feeling like a ghost

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anyone else feel like this. like they feel so weightless that it actually seems like they are floating. you can' t feel the ground or any objects. i can't at all. i seriously feel like i can walk through walls and doors although i can't. if i bump into a wall really hard i won't really feel it and it won't hurt at all. thats not normal. the thing i really hate is when i am in the bed and i can't feel the bed at all. the only time where i am at peace is when i'm sleeping. i don't know the answer to this.

i worked the last 2 days only like 4 or 5 hours each and i don't work much only occassionally. sometimes once a week sometimes a couple days a week but its just so fake. everything is fake. i pray every day. i use holy water. i even drink holy water. nothing works. i just wish i felt alive and that i could actually feel like i have a body and feel life like everyone else around me. i wish they also seemed real to me. any suggestions on what i can do. i try distracting myself like playin video games or listenin to music but i find no pleasure out of it. sounds still feel like there coming from somewhere else and not actually here. nothing seems loud to me. i can't hear my own voice, i don't know how to make this better.
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I'm right there with ya man. Ain't got an answer to it, but your not alone.
To be honest I either sleep or get really drunk.

But my main escape is just sleep sleep sleep. Even quit my job.
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