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Feeling left alone - anybody?

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Do you feel sometimes that you don't belong to anything because of dp problems? You don't really belong to friends groups, because you feel not normal, you feel not grounded because you don't belong to a group at job (because you don't work)? And you feel all alone in the world stuck with a problem that nobody can understand really, even people on this site? You know, REALLY alone? Docs doesn't understand, psychologist they do their best but finally they must think we are crazy...

How do we belong to society?

How to turn back time? Or how to be happy??? Not too depressed?

I am sorry for this post, I feel so alone in this battle, and I have no energy anymore. I cry all the time, it'snot a joke, I don't know how to feel happy. How to be dp-free is almost an illusion for me now.

And everybody around who think you just ave a depression, or massive anxiety.... or.... you are plain crazy.

WHY this problem exists????? WHY?

I miss my old life. I miss being happy. Alert. Lucid. Not drugged. Just plain there. Me.

Sorry I need some kind of support. PM me if you are optimistic :) (sad laugh)

I am tired to cry and tired of myself. Really. I know I am a crap, sad person.

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Sorry to hear you feel like that! This whole thing sucks so much! In my old life I definitely could have related to the loneliness, that was the way I felt all the time, but since dp I don't even miss company anymore. That may be even more sad 8) For me it feels like we, all the people, are one. Still I can't reach to anybody and nobody understands anything I say. But that doesn't make me lonely, just sad. And I don't have a need to belong to society, but if I was classified by their terms I'd probably be just another female student with mental problems. I don't feel like that at all. But this wasn't about me, I ment to say that I'm sure we're all able to look back one day and file this into the X-files, and be happy! You too!
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