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Life is going good.

I still have DP, but I'm feeling better each day. I think I may be close to recovery, maybe a couple more months and I'll be fine!
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But that's not all that is going on. I'm finally getting better at math and overall school, which leaves me quite happy. Also, I've solved all my problems with my bullies, which is good.

I'm an equestrian, so I guess I may also talk about that.
I'm getting better at jumping, and I'm finally moving on to more advanced horses, and more advanced classes. I've been learning a lot this past few months, and my position and posture while riding is getting better.
My attitude while dealing with horses is also taking a turn for the better, since I don't get annoyed anymore by horses not wanting to work sometimes. I have to deal with a really moody mare, so it's helpful that I am able to keep calm.

That's all I guess.

(Written in: 24/9/2016)
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