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After a few weeks, here I am again...this must be the most stressful yet surprising period of my life!
The nature of my obsessions is the same (crazy, crazier and craziest thoughts), what is changing is the frequency and intensity of them...
In these years, my obsessions were less intense but they could accompany me for months without ever going away for a, they're very very strong (I think because they're more strange than ever)
but I alternate 2 weeks of obsessions and 1 week of "heavenly", symptom-free life...when I feel good, I think "Wow, how could I feel so bad before? This is it, I'm healed!", and when I feel bad I think, of course "Damn, how could I feel so good before? This is it, I'm becoming psychotic!"
I'm seeing a psychologist specialized in "Brief Strategic Therapy", and I think it's great: it focuses on here-and-now and aims to block the thoughts with the use of "stratagems" my opinion, it's one of the best methods available for obsessions-plagued people and it sheds some light on how our minds work.
Also, this psychologist said to me one thing I never considered: "Have you seen that the more you're growing inside, the more your mind conjure weird thoughts?"...Could it be that obsessive thoughts are a barrier that our mind creates because we really don't want to change something, or grow? I mean, why the majority of mental disorders often appear in the early adulthood years? Is this the reason? What do you think about it? Are we trying to change ourselves yet struggling to remain anchored to our past?
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