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Feeling good, but I need a little advice about the body and thoughts

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I am feeling pretty good. Life doesn't feel fake, but I still have some thoughts and anxiety to deal with and it's strictly about the body this time. I have been taking viibryd and am on week 2, so I still have time until I see if it works for my anxiety and thoughts, but I'm hoping someone here can help me deal with them until then.I am stuck having thoughts about why we have a skull, heart, brain, why I can't feel these things and how they are always working, can't I just take my brain out of my head, etc. It is stuck on my mind 24/7 for the past few months and I have not been able to figure out how to get used to accepting that we need the brain, heart, skull etc and that it needs to be where it is while working 24/7 and not something to fear. Anyone else having these thoughts and know how to help?
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It sounds like you're obsessing about body parts. Change the question to an affirmative statement. Change "why do I have such and such?" into "I have such and such". These meta-physical questions will lead you nowhere, but the mind still likes to try and solve things. That's the nature of the beast. When it gets to a meta-physical concept like "why", it goes in circles until you break the cycle.

Something else that might help is, looking at a diagram of a human body, and drawing it out yourself. It will help solidify in your mind that you have these parts too, and they have a purpose / function for keeping you alive. Also, this exercise will help to get you out of your mind, and into the activity you're doing.
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