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Feeling empty, but it's different than before?

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I've had dp/dr since about 2015. Since then it got a bit better (less anxiety attacks, more assurance the world is real etc) but now I don't know what's happening to me. Before with dp/dr I had emotional numbness and it scared me, but I got over it. Today I don't know what happened but I suddenly feel empty. It feels different to emotional numbness but I can't really explain it. It's like I feel cold and detached and can't feel good things. Have you ever caught yourself just blankly staring ahead for a few a minutes whilst not thnking or feeling anything? That's how I feel, I feel like a blank stare. It's like nothing affects me now like how I felt before with emotional numbness, only this time it's like I don't care that I don't feel anything. I've gone through so much stuff and my mind and body have just had enough and they're like "okay, that's it, this is the end, no more". I don't know if it could be depression too?

Please any help would be great, I've been through a lot and all I want it to just feel like a normal human again.
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I can relate 100%, I've been in this current state for about 8 months, No words can really describe what it's like but in my case it's like I'm a robot that's run out of batteries, no longer do I not feel emotions, but it's pretty much I can't feel ANYTHING at all, even the simple things like time and 'fresh' when coming out of the shower. I made a post about my case a few months ago and you can check it out if you want, so far I've been put on antidepressants but has done nothing for me, unfortunately :/.
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