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hello im new here, well i have anxiety/panic attacks and i could handle all the other symptoms like palpitations,chest pains and so forth but i cant handle the detached , unreality feelings they scare me very much. i think im just going to just go crazy and just stay like that and just loose touch with reality ,omg i get them everyday all day , they scare me so much i dont know wat to do anymore

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don't worry, youve come to the right place for now. Your not alone, there are thousands, millions of us out there all suffering with this depersonilization/derealization, and you know what, the cure rate for this is huge, many many people recover from this, and those who dont usually make partial recovery or learn to live with it in their lives. Don't worry, you will work your way out of this.
My advice to you would be to come to this board, search the net on this condition, teach yourself what you need to know about it, understand you are not alone, it will eventually pass. Once you have learnt all that you can, try cutting out going on these websites, carry on with your life, i no it sounds hard, but the only way to cure this demon, is to ignore it, is to carry on, and so by going on these websites you are actually feeding it.
I've now realized this, so i'm taking a break from this forum, as much as it has become may saftey, my support and comfort these past few months, i'm going to leave it, and try my darndest :p to let the dp flow through me and carry on.
Good luck to you,
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