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Feeling as if I made up everything around me....

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I've been suffering from DP/DR for about 2 months. Lately I've developed these crazy thoughts that maybe I made up everything around me.. that my parents, friends, buildings etc. are all just a figment of my imagination and nothing is real... is this normal? Is this a symptom of DP/DR? How do we get over it? Do we accept the thoughts (I've been reading Claire Weekes' books) and try to focus more on the outside world or do we analyze and fight them?
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that is exactly how i feel. when my DP got so bad that's all i think about, not only did i think that i made everything up, but that i made myself up.

the thing that i've noticed works the best is meditation. not focusing on anything. but don't close you're eyes when you do it, stare at the floor or something. it works better that way.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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