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Hi there,

So I have been feeling permenantly alone recently, I just moved to a bigger city an know absolutlely no one.

I have not Introduced myself to the Neighbours yet because I kind I am really shy.

Besides moving to a new city there is also this constant feeling of looking at yourself in from the 3rd person perspective and not having any memories (they all kind of feel blurred and could have been dreams).

I have this feeling for a couple of years now (about 2 years) but in the past 6 month its becoming worse which I think has something to do with the fact that I currently have nothing to do since I only start my studies i a couple of weeks. So anyways this has becoming frustrating feeling and now most of the time I sit for a couple of hours infront of youtube being zoned out and thinking about the how to start to feel normal again, and I now try to maybe do something against it by getting in touch with people with similar experiences.

So yeah, I would love to hear somethings about you and maybe what helpsed you or something.

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I don't tell my story, because it sounds a little big headed, but my worst DP I did some of my best things to date in the music industry, it came from the simplest advice, "fake it till you make it", so simple but until you truly have to, it means nothing...

Also I found in a heavy DP state, if you are truly numb, nothing matters too much, so what's there to be shy, but that's just my experience.. get out there!
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