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I had a panic attack a month ago, and since then I have experienced derealization accompanied with lots of anxiety and sad emotions. During my first week after the panic attack, I felt like I couldn't even go out. I failed a class and got a lot of work off. I can finally go out and socialize and be okay without fear of a huge panic attack, but I feel so much helplessness and unrealness. I feel like I'm not even real, like I'm some weird dream. Everything feels so blurry and fake, I feel like I'm looking into a crystal ball. I don't feel familiar with myself anymore and I keep thinking I'm going crazy and I'm gonna start seeing and hearing things. It's only been about a month and a half so far... any tips? I miss my girlfriend and connections with my friends so bad.. I feel so far from them. Reality feels like it's existing right in front of me, but I'm behind a glass wall and can't reach it. I'm new here. Nice to meeet you all.
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