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derealization isn't something I typically feel, for me the glass wall is somewhere inside, separating me from myself. however, even if it doesn't feel like it means much right now, I wanna congratulate you on feeling well enough to start reintroducing yourself to the world without fear of a panic attack, that's already a step not everyone is ready to take. that is still progress. I know you're not as okay as you want to be, but it's still a good thing.

if your friends are the understanding type, maybe you could try talking to them about this. even if they don't quite get it, they may be able to accommodate for your current misfortune. or talking to them about something so personal may help you feel closer just by virtue of the act itself. if your friends are not the understanding type, I'm not sure what else I would suggest. I'll try to remember to think about it.

either way, I wish you luck, and my inbox is open if you ever need to get my attention, haha.
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