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Feel like my life didnt actually happen?

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I don't know how this is a real experience i am having, its absolutely nuts. Its really hard to put into words because its just so much more profound than words can do it justice.
Basically, i got up to walk to my kitchen, already super anxious about just existing. I looked around and suddenly i just couldn't believe this was the house i was living in, that I've lived in for over a year. Like it just wasn't real what was happening. I looked at everything and froze because i couldn't tell if this whole narrative and scene is actually taking place. Then it escalated within like 10 seconds, i then thought that about my WHOLE LIFE. Like, how is any of this real? This all feels non existent...has anyone else experienced that? How is this a possible feeling to have???
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29 years since it started and while I had periods where it was mild, there is no light in this tunnel
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