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Feel like ive lost my identity

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Recently ive been feeling like I am no one. Like im just no one. I dont understand this. Im trying to make sense of it logically and it just dosent make sense. Ive started to think maybe im just lazy or a bad kid or something. Nothing feels cool anymore like it did when I was a kid. I dont get excited or feel the wonder of anything wheather its sports, movies, video games, girls. This is like taking away everything that makes life worth living. How do I get these feeliings back? Its like im just a spectator. I cant enjoy the small things in life like little interactions with people that mean anything. It feels like my eyes are just pure white and soul-less. Im unmotivated all the time and focusing on faking being ok rather than trying to fix it. How do you fix it? I dont want my life to waste away and then when im like 50 relize ive missed everything in life because I was too numb experience it.

Does anyone else get a lot of headaches and pressure in their head or tight muscles or tight neck? It feels hard to breath sometimes. Cus I have a LOT of headaches and lightheadedness.
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Well I felt the same and now I feel quite my head has exploded. I'm on a zombie situation. I still can't look myself in the mirror. I think that the key is to not be afraid of all of them. Live in your life with that, don't be scared and after some years you will start feeling better
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