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Hey guys pls reply I really need help getting through this. Im 19 yrs old I'm athletic and artistic. a few months a back i had a bad panic attack which led to depression and eventually existential thoughts. I don't think I have dp but its been hard to let go of these existential thoughts. Im religious but at the same time for some reason i keep sweating the idea of solipsism i wonder what this is this because my perception of reality is all i know i wonder if the people around me are in the same moment or if they even exist i know that sounds crazy but i don't believe it the idea just bothers me very much. I think about how absurd time is and how other people are around me in the same moment. Its like I over analyze everything to an extreme degree. Im constantly questioning reality. Btw I've never done drugs and i don't don't drink. I guess I'm just a deep thinker now. I also wonder if I'm in a simulation because i read that elon musk thought it was a possibility. And that makes me a little uneasy because i can't prove it. When i think deeply everything starts to seem absurd like how did i land up on this planet in the middle of the universe. Its fascinating but at the same time it bothers me sometimes and makes it harder to engage in certain things like working out and playing sports things which i used to enjoy tremendously. It bothers me because i wonder if I'm sharing the experience with other people i just want to know that for sure. If that makes sense at all can u guys please give me advice to get through this. Im very ambitious and i want to help other people. I just need someone to help guide me through this phase. It just bothers me for whatever reason. I believe in god but for some reason I can't let go of these thoughts. I think about the cosmos, philosophy, all types of irrational thoughts and it just gives me anxiety can someone please help guide me through this. Its like all of sudden Ive realized these things, it sucks because this stuff didn't bother me before but now it consumes me. any advice or coaching would be much appreciated. Right now the idea of time in a world i can't prove exists bothers me. Its like the big questions never end and i wonder how crazy everything is. pls help
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