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Feel like I'm losing myself inside

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Does anyone else feel like they are detached from their own thoughts and mind? Like I can't seem to get connected again. I feel like I'm going crazy but then I get told its just a feeling and that's why I'm not going crazy. I feel so lost
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Yes.. And it's horrible. I can't think.. Talk face to face..words aren't comming.. I don't feel tired (never) My life is not normal anymore.. And the most horrible thing is my memory. I think I have dementia... Ugh!
Weirdest thing is I don't feel anxiety at all. And no stress. I feel nothing. Like all of that is gone too..
While I was an anxious person all my life.

Wtf. Is. Going.on. (and my mind doesn't even care most of the time, is this because I constantly forget I have this or because of my detachment ?)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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