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feel like doing nothing!! anyone else? (please read / help)

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hey fellow dp-ers,

well i'm a 90% recovery-er again. but i'm so flat all the time. i just don't feel like doing anything, y'know wot i mean?? bills, yeah, university, yeah, music? no. creativity? nye. girls? nye. large decisions (moving to australia / japan), nope. sex, fair. love? uh uh. sadness. yeah. lonliness, heck yeah! haha. it's like an ocd/add thing in my head.

anyone else have this feeling that they can't or are not able to decide on anything?

Rather like being frozen. Fight or flight, and not being able to decide, and the waves sink you to the bottom, y'know? jeez man. i'm not feeling dp/dr (except in migraine eppys) but i am taking my klonopin (1mg) /neurontin (300mg) combo.

i'm so sad man, cos all i feel like doing is taking my Klonopin, feeling stoned from it, and listening to slow dark smokey blues music...

but, i'd love to see & feel the sun, make songs and poetry, and move the world with a bit of happiness and success...

do any of yer kind people have some suggestions?


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Although I would love to say that I've recovered 90%, I can't and have been frustrated by the poor progress in my recovery since March. These last few months, I too have felt this terrible flatness and it is, by far, my most debilitating symptom. I have felt in the past, even with the DR, a sense of happyness, but now I am almost paralized by the lack of emotion and determination. Involving myself with my friends and indulging in activity even though In don't want to, has been the only recipe to lifting this flatness that haunts me especially strongly in the mornings.

I've gone back to work and it has stabilized me. But only with great effort. Now I need to reactivate my social life, find a girlfriend (how frightening to imagine the sense of rejection by someone close over my condition), and fill my life with life. But at the same time I feel myself on the precipice of horror...the belief of not ever becoming again the person I was. And so I question the effort that I am expending. But what else can I do?
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