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Hello! First time poster here, just looking for a bit of advice I suppose. I am currently working my way through my fourth episode of dpdr, which usually last anywhere between 3 and 6 months but it’s hard to say with how they fade out. This time I’m struggling with more obsessive thinking, specifically the fear that the previous episodes never actually went away but have just gotten worse. I know that this is irrational but I’m struggling to get it out of my head. Has anyone else dealt with this type of negative thinking and how did you move past it? And has anyone else that has dealt with multiple episodes had one episode seem particularly bad. I’m less than two months in but the dpdr just seems to be staying heavier this time, but my memory could just be playing tricks on me with that. It’s been seven years since the last time and I might have just forgotten how miserable these feelings are.

I’d love to hear from anyone that can relate!

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Hi Jordan!
I know that there are people around here who experienced similar thing, with recurrent episodes. I did as well, but in my case, the DPDR as part of dissociation came from trauma. The only way for me to deal with it was to gradually incorporate the memories that were otherwise unbearable, and to learn to self-regulate, and not get completely triggered, as that would leave me dissociated/depersonalized. It may not be your case, as obviously the reasons for DPDR are very different.

You have already been there, and you know that it is possible to get out. I think you are right when you say we forget how awful it feels, as it is already so difficult to live through it, so why would we want to remember it afterwards, when we feel we moved on with our lives? Try to remember instead what helped you the most the last time, was it sticking to some sort of daily routine, socializing with close people even when you felt completely spaced out, sharing how you feel and getting some sort of validation, even looking for other forms of support, as a community of people with the same problem, or therapy?

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