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Ok... I'm confused. I keep hearing different views and I don't know which is right and it's really important to know this... Do I find out if I was traumatized or not? Should I get hypnotized? Some people say this could just bring out more bad stuff that I'm better off not knowing. Some say it is essential for recovery.

I think most people say face the fear.... which would mean whatever caused my DP cuz DP is a coping mechanism right? Or is my DP just fear in itself? I don't know! I do know I was thinking about God and infinity when it first happened... now how the hell do you face that? I know when I think about that stuff I start to panic and I try and stop thinking about it right away. So instead of that should I completely immerse myself in these thoughts? Now would that be facing the fear? I really don't know and actually I am facing the fear everyday cuz I'm in the fear everyday right? Whatever. Nothing will ever make sense.

Hi peacedove,if thinking about God and infinity etc makes you feel worse than it's best to try and distract yourself.
Think about other more ordinary things.Perhaps easier said than done but not impossible.

If I'm correct we can only think one thought at a time.

People here discuss different possibilities for causes and cures because we all want to get better.
It doesn't mean that they know for certain what will help you or even themselves.
If you feel you would like to try hypnotherpay,why not give it a go.
It most likely won't cause any harm and who knows,maybe it could help.

Dp is pretty much like that,it's all trial and error.Each one of us has to try new treatments including medication to see what might bring relief.

Janine has fantastic suggestions for focusing outward no matter how difficult it seems and no matter how many times we slip and slide.

Try not to take it all so seriously.
There is no law written in stone as to how we should approach this condition.
If you think there is a good chance trauma has played a part for you then seek out a therapist or two.
We all have to make our own way.

I agree with what Janine suggested in another thread,find distractions.

Unfortunately there are no black and white answers,as much as I wish we could all be certain of our outcome if we just did a,b and c.

Hope I have made some sense and didn't confuse you even more so.

All the best,Shelly

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personally if my subconscious has hidden something from my memory because i cant deal with it, i dont want to find out about it. if it uses dp to avoid confronting the issue, surely by uncovering the issue more dps going to be thrown at it to try and cover it. just an opinion, i would be interested to hear if anyone has ever come out of dp by uncovering a subconsciously hidden issue, whether by hypnosis or therapy
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