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Hello guys,

im kind of making progress with my dp and i have hours when i manage to focus hard on the outside while staying relaxed.

Then all of my physical dp symptoms disappear and even my sense of self comes back to a degree.

But what keeps holding me back is this existential fear of not knowing what i am.And i keep compulsively looking for my"essence" all day long,

and because its so scary i have a hard time letting it go.

Thats really what keeps it going for me, this constant questioning of myself, looking for the "source".It robs me of all my confidence to feel like myself.

If i could just live and not give a fuck, dp would fuck off in no time and my sense of self would come back.

But whenever it comes back, i destroy it through introspection....its really frustrating.

Any tipps on how to get over this? :)

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