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Fear of losing consciousness

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I am so dissociated that it feels like I'm not conscious. Not just not conscious of my surroundings but really unconsciouss. it feels As if I never existed before the moment I am experiencing. And I have the strange feeling I will lose consciousness when I lose the hyperawareness of my own consciousness. It's like I am only just the hyperawareness. Is there anybody that feels sort of the same. It feels as if when don't think about my depersonalization, I will cease to exist. Like the robot that controlls me and thinks will be the only thing left and my consciousness will stop. Is there anybody that somehow feels the same way. I haven't read anything about someone experiencing this and it scares the shit out of me. I literally can't do anything right now. I'm losing hope.
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I have the exact problem any update what did your doc said?
Wanna chat more about it?
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