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fear of death

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recently i have this terrible fear of my loved ones dying, especially my younger sister, mostly i fear the young dying, i know if anything did happen to one of my loved ones who are young, i dont think i'd be able to cope, i just want to rid myself of this fear, so i can live again. I was wondering if any of you guys out there shared this fear, or if anyones manage to ease this fear and carry on living.
thanks alot
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i have this too..ive had it since i was 9 and its pure hell. i think they call it existential angst? it went away when i was 14-ish and came back in force last year after having lost my nan. i just cant understand how one minute someone can be here, alive and breathing, and the next they're gone and will never come back. this thought frightens the life out of me. sorry to be a bit morbid as well, but i also have terrifying thoughts and/or nightmares about my brain still being concious when im dead and being buried/cremated, or how my body will look in a coffin. i used to think i was just weird. but having spoken to my pyschologist he assures me that this is all part of mental disorders (well some of them, particularly dp). does anyone else get these morbid visions? cx
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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