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I am having a thought here about how to tackle fear (you know, the thing that beats the sh*t out of us on a daily basis?)

I recently watched Mona Lisa Smile, which i thought was pretty crap except for one scene in the movie. There is a scene between two friends and one girl is verbally attackings her friend and says the most cruel things to her , and this friend, the one whio is being attacked, reaches out and holds her abusive friend who subsequently starts crying and gets in touch with her own hurt.

Well, do we take an offensive approach to our fear or do we hug it? Is our fear a big bad bully we need to crush or is it a hurt child lashing out? And how do we hug our fear anyway...I can't imagine the actual behavioural and cognitive components required to reach out and soothe fearful feelings. Ive never learned to do for myself.

Or do we ignore this fear altogether and focus on life instead?

Id love to find out what other people's relationship with fear is. Is there even any value in trying to develop a healthy relationship with our fear or is doing so just another way of focusing on something other than more important underlying issues?

Am I even making any sense :?:

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