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Hey Guys, hope all is well!

So long story short, due to my condition [DP] for basically this entire year my life kinda just stopped - Really gave up on everything such as hobbies, interest, my "Career" and basically my life in general. With that being said I only just started to work on My original Music and decided that if I wanted to achieve anything with all these symptoms, it'd be My future and "Success" as an artist.

ANYWAYS! - I've been doing a lot of research and developing marketing plans, a favor and a task that I'd love for people to participate in is showcase my music to people who has NEVER heard my tracks before,it'd be even better to show people who don't even listen to my type of Genre (Underground Old-school Rap/Hip-Hop) Then the objective is simple, simply name 3-7 artist who you think I sound like. Sound easy enough?

My channel where you can find my work is Here:

I want to thank anyone in advance who decides to drop a comment with there suggestions, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your day/night!
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