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Pink Floyd-Comfortably numb, Echoes, learning to fly

Radiohead-Street spirit, how to dissappear completely

U2-Sunday bloody Sunday, Where the streets have no name

REM-Drive, Losing my religion

The smashing pumpkins-1979, disarm

The rolling stones-paint it black

Led zeppelin-all of my love

Tom Petty-runaway train

Pearl Jam-jeremy

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Radiohead- Let Down, Planet Telex, Fake Plastic Trees, There There, etc.
U2- One, Red Hill Mining Town
Coldplay- Politik, Amsterdam
Pearl Jam- rearviewmirror, Thumbing My Way, Elderly Woman
Zeppelin- Ten Years Gone, No Quarter
Dylan- Lay Lady Lay, Just Like a Woman, If Not for You, everything off Desire
Beatles- I Me Mine, Across the Universe
Bowie-Ziggy Stardust

I could do this forever. So I'll give you some guilty pleasures.

Elvin Bishop- Fooled Around and Fell in Love
Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes, Sledgehammer
The Cars- Drive
A-ha - Take On Me
Duran Duran- A View to a Kill
The Tams- Be Young, Be Foolish, but Be Happy

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Radiohead - Let Down
Sigur Ros - The Pop Song
Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
Interpol - PDA
Air - Radian

I don't feel guilty for liking A-ha and Peter Gabrial

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We ought to make a list of your top ten best list ideas. We'll be distracted ad infinitum then. I'm pretty sure thats what I want. Actually, i'm pretty interested in which politicians all of us would like to see as president. I'm a politics junky lately though.

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Pure Narcotic we have quite similar tastes... This is going to be stream of consciousness:

Smashing Pumpkins -- Disarm, Mayonaise, Spaceboy, Luna (all of Siamese Dream is so good), Tonight Tonight

R.E.M. -- Losing My Religion, Country Feedback

U2 -- Where the Streets Have No Name, Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Radiohead -- How to Disappear Completely, No Surprises, Letdown, Fake Plastic Treets

Tom Petty -- Face in the Crowd

Live -- Meltdown..............

You know nevermind I don't like doing this. It's too hard, I'm more of an album man than I am a individual song person. I feel like I'm missing out too many greats by doing this.

Sorry. :p

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What about these guity pleasures:

Melt With You- Modern English --> I saw them live at a ski resort in Idaho in 2000
Lots and lots of Phil Collins--> I find his music funny for some reason, but give me "In the Air Tonight" or "Against all Odds" anytime
Everybody Wants to Rule the World- Tears for Fears
Hold Me Now, If You Were Here- The Thompson Twins
Holding on the Years- Simply Red

Basically, most 80s stuff is guilty to me

lots of 70s light rock
Summer Breeze- Seals & Crofts
Hello, It's Me- Todd Rundgren
Day After Day- Badfinger
All by Myself- Eric Carmen ---> OK, Celine Dion completely ruined this song and it has now become a mockery sung by people on America Idol, but the original is good

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Smashing pumpkins: Cherub rock, silvercrank, daydream :wink:
Sundays: Goodbye, on earth.
Radiohead: Street spirit, all of the bends.
Sunk loto: Lift.
Evanescence: Missing, my immortal, cover of Thoughtless (Korn)
Babe's in Toyland: Fontanelle
Eminem: Rabbit run.
No doubt: Too late, running.
Kasey Chambers: The captain, ignorance, stronger.
Michelle Branch: Goodbye to you

Depressing songs... no doubt. I'm still TRYING to get over the manipulation of my avatar :wink:

I listen to music all day.. every day.. and often will leave a soothing song to play on repeat all night...
I've listened to street spirit a million times, and U2 chill me sometimes. I like alternative and folky type music, but techno and metal too... I can only respond to colourful, vivid, arty, "alive" music though... I never understood the way my Mum listened to Irish classics and really BAD scottish music, and my Brother listened to Pearl Jam and "dead" cranking types of music.

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Phil Collins can be thrown in that bag with Elton John and Billy Joel. All these artists were very respectable in the 70s and early 80s. The 80s ruined a lot of great artists. I think the transition from early Genesis drummer to singing "Invisible Touch" and Disney songs is a prototypical example of sell-out. So, depending who you are talking to, it may be a foux-pas to say you like Phil Collins. Around my friends, he is indeed a guilty pleasure.

Phil Collins may not have completely fallen into this trap until "I Can't Dance" with Genesis came out in 92 or 93, and that gay-ass dance became a horrible part of popular culture.
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