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Fascinated by DP

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Hi everyone,

I had a DP experience on July 27, 2003. I will never forget that date. The DP I had was part of a manic episode (I am bi-polar). The DP was frightening as I felt like I had little direct control over my "self" and my body, but was strangely intoxicating as well. It was an amazing experience, to be a "soul" as it were, observing myself and the world as if from outside my own body.

It has been on my mind almost daily since it happened, and I have a strong attraction towards experiencing it again. I feel it somehow ties into my religious development (I am currently agnostic), and I think if I repeat it, perhaps even remaining in that DP state, I will have attained some sort of religious "realization" of myself and my relation to God (if He exists).

In that vein, I am considering starting meditation, as a controlled way to attain this state. Does anyone have experience with this, is DP and "enlightenment" connected? Thank you for your opinions.

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dakotajo said:

No, I dont have to reread anything. You did exactly what I say you did and you have no right to. Im not allowed to tell people here to leave because they discuss benzo use even tho these drugs have sent several members, including myself, straight to hell. I may viciously argue my point but Im not allowed to tell anyone to leave because they feel differently than me . People here(which includes myself) just have to learn to accept the fact that we all have differing opinions.


This guy has simply decided to embrace his experience rather than fear it, which is probably a good idea if you ever want to break the cycle of anxiety/dp.
I was replying to that. It seemed you had a fallacy on part of assuming his current status with the disorder, which I was trying to correct you on.
Fascinated by DP eh ? Ho-hum. I guess some people are fascinated by train wreaks and grotesque genital deformities, so what the hey.

For me, DP is as fascinating as sucking shit flavoured, piping hot, putrid green lava out of satans seeping scrotum sack, while having a unpeeled pineapple shoved up my arse. Sideways.

If one more person swans onto this board declaring how we should embrace DP as some kind of enlightement, then I swear I'm going to give birth to kittens. I will also suggest that, when they poke me with the 'you're unelightened' stick, that they go visit a cancer ward and tell everyone there that they should em-fucking-brace their illness.

Am I the only english speaking person who actually understands the difference between 'embracing' and 'coping', or has the world gone completely mad without me noticing ?
Martin, that post was f*ing hilarious. Thank you for the comic relief. I needed it.

i cant believe anyone that has truely had dr/dp would want that state of mind... it has been hell for me.. Doug
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