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Fascinated by DP

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Hi everyone,

I had a DP experience on July 27, 2003. I will never forget that date. The DP I had was part of a manic episode (I am bi-polar). The DP was frightening as I felt like I had little direct control over my "self" and my body, but was strangely intoxicating as well. It was an amazing experience, to be a "soul" as it were, observing myself and the world as if from outside my own body.

It has been on my mind almost daily since it happened, and I have a strong attraction towards experiencing it again. I feel it somehow ties into my religious development (I am currently agnostic), and I think if I repeat it, perhaps even remaining in that DP state, I will have attained some sort of religious "realization" of myself and my relation to God (if He exists).

In that vein, I am considering starting meditation, as a controlled way to attain this state. Does anyone have experience with this, is DP and "enlightenment" connected? Thank you for your opinions.

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Can I be the first to say...Are you serious :?: :?: :?:

Joseph...I'm thinking you need to be on an enlightment site. Seriously. I just can't see that this group, well except for maybe Musashi who is also enlightened by this, is really going to be able to help you transcend onto your next level.

Opening Pandora's Box ? Are you kidding me? You have given me major anxiety just thinking about someone wanting to be the way most of us here are, on purpose. :shock: It's just not the same thing. You need some kind of dahli lama, holy man, new age guru, Shirley McLaine type, who is going to enjoy taking you on this little trip you desire.

Joseph, if this is possibly a new state of consciousness ... you're gonna want to high tail your ass out of here as quick as possible because there is nothing beautiful, transcending or etheral about it.

Just my very humble opinion and meant with no disrespect. I am, of course, going on the assumption that you are being respectful to a large group of people that are fighting and clawing their way out of this hell you are so eagerly seeking as it does not cause you any problem.

Utah, I have DR without mania and you're fun for me.

Holy Moly. :shock:

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I don't know Ken...was it something you ate? :lol:

Sorry, just feeling a little froggy. :p

If it wasn't kind of like one of those scarey movie, whispered would be pretty damn funny enigma. lol.
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