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Fascinated by DP

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Hi everyone,

I had a DP experience on July 27, 2003. I will never forget that date. The DP I had was part of a manic episode (I am bi-polar). The DP was frightening as I felt like I had little direct control over my "self" and my body, but was strangely intoxicating as well. It was an amazing experience, to be a "soul" as it were, observing myself and the world as if from outside my own body.

It has been on my mind almost daily since it happened, and I have a strong attraction towards experiencing it again. I feel it somehow ties into my religious development (I am currently agnostic), and I think if I repeat it, perhaps even remaining in that DP state, I will have attained some sort of religious "realization" of myself and my relation to God (if He exists).

In that vein, I am considering starting meditation, as a controlled way to attain this state. Does anyone have experience with this, is DP and "enlightenment" connected? Thank you for your opinions.

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enigma said:
jstewnyc wrote:

It has been on my mind almost daily since it happened, and I have a strong attraction towards experiencing it again.

Come and play with us, Joseph. Come and play with us. Forever...and ever...and ever :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
hahaha...that's too funny...
With all due respect to the OP (original poster for those unfamiliar with IFs (Internet Forums, for those unfamiliar with IL (Internet Lingo))), your somehow wanting to be "dp"ed, if indeed that word can be used as a past-tense verb, is highly akin to those mind-boglingly absurd people who prowl the streets of major cities looking to get POZZED.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, "Pozzed" (and i ardently hope that most of you are), it is a term used by people who want to get infected with the AIDS virus. They are called "bug chasers"...and they are on the prowl for "gift givers", or some such euphemistic insanity. They desperately want to acquire the AIDS virus. One man, being interviewed, stated that he was unable to obtain the virus through repeated sexual intercourse with infected males, and so was resorting to simply injecting the virus intravenously (sp?) into himself, in the hopes of becomming HIV positive, or POZZED. I'm not making this stuff up.

Anyway, feel free to try to get dped...but that's how silly the idea seems to many of us here.

...reporting live, from the cutting edge of sexual fetishism...
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dakotajo said:
I think you guys were successful in chasing this member away. Congratulations! Even tho I agree that dp/anxiety sucks, you have no business telling anybody here to leave just because he has a different opinion then all of yours. This guy has simply decided to embrace his experience rather than fear it, which is probably a good idea if you ever want to break the cycle of anxiety/dp.
i agree with you in a sense, DJ. I was thinking the same thing actually. But anyone who goes on a mental health board stating that they really want to be like that, is pretty insulting to those of us who suffer from this every day.

Like my AIDS analogy earlier, it would be like me going onto an AIDS board and, while most posts are soaked in sadness and grief, i come on and say, "Hey, where can i get me some?" It's just insulting, even if the person didn't mean to be.

Joseph seems to me like a naive young man who just wants to experience things in life, and i don't think he meant any harm by it. Nor do i think it's good to chase people off this site just for having a different opinion than the majority. But for the benefit of ALL concerned, including young's best he be told quite curtly, that this isn't something you can dabble around with, and that most members aren't very comfortable with "dp-tourists" (my coinage, by the way). With the reception he got here, he'll probably go out and live a full and happy life.

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