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Fascinated by DP

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Hi everyone,

I had a DP experience on July 27, 2003. I will never forget that date. The DP I had was part of a manic episode (I am bi-polar). The DP was frightening as I felt like I had little direct control over my "self" and my body, but was strangely intoxicating as well. It was an amazing experience, to be a "soul" as it were, observing myself and the world as if from outside my own body.

It has been on my mind almost daily since it happened, and I have a strong attraction towards experiencing it again. I feel it somehow ties into my religious development (I am currently agnostic), and I think if I repeat it, perhaps even remaining in that DP state, I will have attained some sort of religious "realization" of myself and my relation to God (if He exists).

In that vein, I am considering starting meditation, as a controlled way to attain this state. Does anyone have experience with this, is DP and "enlightenment" connected? Thank you for your opinions.

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Hey Joseph,

I will gladly trade you my DP and all the money in my bank account for your lack of DP.

Why do I suddenly feel like damn lab rat being examined?
lol terri. No, I mean I feel as if Joseph is treating us like this mysterious group of people with an attractive disorder lol. I feel like he's trying to probe us to see what makes us tick.
Martin, that post was f*ing hilarious. Thank you for the comic relief. I needed it.

1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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