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i put a post in the suggestions forum about family & friends & moderator said theyd be interested to see what others have to say...not many comments have been made tho :( what does everyone else think about this? i think that a forum where friends and family living with dp/dr sufferers would really help us as it would give our loved ones somewhere to relate to each other. i know my parents and fiance have no idea what they can do to help me, and i dont know what they can do to help me, so maybe other people who have more experience lookng after someone with dp/dr would really benefit those who want to help but dont know how to.
i mean its not like looking after someone with more visual must be so hard for those who care about us but can only stand back because they dont know what more they can do..your thoughts appreciated as usual :lol: cx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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