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I just want to ask, if anyone here knows this symptom:

Since my DP started, I notice that a lot of people I meet on the streets seem familiar to me (at first sight). Then I look again and wonder - do I know this guy/girl? Where from? Until I realise I?ve never seen him/her ever before.

It?s like some kind of deja vu (only working in people?s faces).

On the other hand, sometimes, when I see somebody I actually know, I have problems to recognise him at first sight. It?s like if this all was vice versa - I "recognise" people I don?t know and don?t recognise people I know (but only those I know just a little - like from work and stuff).

When my DP began (drug induced, cause I made a MOTHER OF ALL STUPID MISTAKES three months ago), I had a lot of real deja vu feelings, but those faded away after some time. Now it only remains in people?s faces.
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