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i have this crazy pressure in my head and eyes, like if i life my eyebrows or move my facial muscles, it feels like the skin is tight around my skull...this is so crazy. i feel like my eyes are gonna pop out of im gonna have a heart attack. stroke, tumor, all things are in my mind constantly. it is so frustrating when i cant do anything to help myself...noithing can fix me..i have been off benzos for 4 months and cant believe this is still the w/d...anyways, im m so sizzy and offballanced and cant walk right, weakness,,,,never leave the house at all and im 21 years old!!! sorry had to vent a lil...

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The pressure in your head and around your eyes are all through the anxiety, the weakness, not walking straight are also down to it. I am pretty much the same and alot of people on this forum will relate to it too. I didnt leave my house for 10 months, then i started to venture out into the garden, and to the shop which is 2 minutes from home, id wobble like hell, but give it time the walking does straighten up, and youll work out that nowts going to happen outside that cant happen in the house-thats the thing that made me go out, I have bad dp/dr some days worse than others but we can all beat this, it takes time, possibly meds and alot of support. Hope u feel a little better soon, and believe me a little bit of fresh air does wonder.
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