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Extreme fatigue (for people who find it impossible to work/go to school)

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When I wake up I stay in the bed for like an hour or so, I dont want to get up and face the day.

When I do get up, its like im having a massive hangover. I cant even walk straight.

I brush my teeth like a robot, I dont really understand doing it, its just routine and something I have ofc learned to do every Morning. After that I drag myself on the sofa and sit in there till evening cos im almost too tired to move and function.

If I have to do something, food, go to the groceries, clean up or wash the dishes, it now is almost impossible. Even my eyes are only half open.

Its a stuggle just to stay awake. Even wrapping christmas presents feels so difficult now, and christmas gives me so much stress and anxiety when I have to go home and face all my relatives and prepare foods and aaaarggggggghhh!

With this and the difficulties with speaking&thinking I have been so stressed lately about disorganized schizo. Ofc it can be just severe depression, but the signs are almost too clear.

Ofc I dont wish this to anyone, but somehow it would be a relief to know that someone has it this bad too!
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