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has anyone on this site taken extacy? im thinking this drug might've been what did me in finally. it all started with pot but i don't think pot is as extreme as this drug. also i've takes shrooms, but i think extacy is the culprit. damn me for not listening to the damn warnings!
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I took X and LSD and I consider DR very comparable to comming down off a trip! I never had an episode while on either though. I did have my very first during a time when I smoked pot mixed with opium. I never thought about it cause I considered it an entirely drug enduced thing! Almost 18mo latter I had another when I was drunk and smoked some pot! I freaked out to say the lease! Again I considered it entirely a drug thing and thought nothing of it. From then on out though my enjoyment of pot lessened and lessened! I began feeling this way whenever I spoked! I have not done any drugs in @ 2 1/2 years. I had my first non drug episode a year ago.
I sorta agree with daburge here... I mean it sounds like you are pacifying your need to feel whatever in stead of dealing with it to be able to recover... I hope that doesnt sound harsh I am not trying to be mean.
In refering to two posts I saw on here:
One was talking about RX and nonRX drugs that can contribute to this disorder. I am pretty sure that I read caffine as being one of the things on the list. I know as person3 was saying everyone is different but as I see it if there is a list that say this this and this can be contributeors I dont see why you wouldnt lay off them to see if it could help.
Also the post to Janine where she was talking about ths condition does not cause the anxiety and fear and feelings we dont admit, but rather those are all the things causing the condiion.
So I hope I do not step on toes here buuuuut.... if you are taking something to "escape" for a while is that avoiding the problem and the issue is a way. Thereby hindering recover not benefiting it. Furthermore you say "why the hell not" well... do you not want to be cured? Do you not want to be able to live without this as a constant plauge? How can you get over it and move forward if you keep playcating (sp?) your need to escape from it? as I said before is that part of what is causing this? I mean weather it is drugs or just your house(my safety get away) if you are using it as a safety net and something to help escape the feelings you dont want to face then I surely dnt understand how you can move forward?
Thinwhiteduke, I think it was you, that said that the use of drugs or other chemicals helps you to go out into the world and face things that you might not otherwise. Well this seems like a contradiction in itself. You are altering yourself... that is not maintaing a normal balance, even if you are just drinking caffine, to allow yourself to do things. So what does this mean? I mean how do you expect to be able to go out without the alteration in the future. I mean I understand you are saying that it makes you braver or whatever to do things but if you cant do it alone then how will this matter! I suppose if over time you become more able to do things as a result of trying things with some alteration then that is a plus. However it seems it would surely take longer and more effort! I mean you can face things head on and charge through, terrified as hell, possibly even feeling you will pass out, just as I did, and then come out feeling ... lol well awful because it was so hard but knowing you made it. Or you can playcaite a need to "escape" or to feel"more at ease" thereby not facing it head on but rather sideways and in the long run taking longer(if ever) to get where you want to be!
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In fact on that note I refer to my reply in the post "leaving your comfort zone" you should read it if you havent
I appologize thinwhiteduke. You were right, it was person3 who said it:
"But helped me and gave me enough of a boost that I could go out and do the things benefecial to being cured."
and on that note I stand firm to what I said.
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