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has anyone on this site taken extacy? im thinking this drug might've been what did me in finally. it all started with pot but i don't think pot is as extreme as this drug. also i've takes shrooms, but i think extacy is the culprit. damn me for not listening to the damn warnings!
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I can't see how anyone could continue doing narcotics of any kind while having anxiety, let alone DP and or DR. It would destroy me.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. How will you ever recover then?
thinwhiteduke, I'm not trying to criticize you in any way, but I just don't see any way that you could carry on altering your mind and expecting it to recover. It's like trying to get back to reality and at the same time tricking your brain and setting yourself back in my opinion. I'm just concerned for you. I would never do such a thing - and to be honest, I used to love drugs.
thinwhiteduke said:
I'm not really sure if can explain it properly but here is a horrible example; your upset that your bathroom has stains. You then realize the tap doesn't work. You thirst for a while and when the water comes back you're as happy as ever and don't notice the stains.
You're right. You won't notice the stains until you aren't thirsty. (coming down)

Then you become thirsty again and you drink and drink and drink, avoiding those stains that need to be 409'ed. They need attention. Those stains won't go away on their own, any they won't disappear by placing a rug over them.
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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