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has anyone on this site taken extacy? im thinking this drug might've been what did me in finally. it all started with pot but i don't think pot is as extreme as this drug. also i've takes shrooms, but i think extacy is the culprit. damn me for not listening to the damn warnings!
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X caused my second bout of DR. Basically, because I over did it. Since then I've foolishly taken them now and again, with no problems. Now that I have to have my blood taken every other day, I'm can't even dare to take something as strong as coffee, damn them.
Because I have cancer, and I have to have blood serum samples taken every two days.

But yes, apart from that minor irritation I don't have DR or DP. Other neurotic complaints, but DR or DP has never returned. And I thank 'whoever' for that.
By the way, 'E' caused my second year long period of DR/DP. I think, perhaps, because I took too much. I've taken it (stupidly) before and after with no ill effects. But I'd still stay away from it if you have a mental illness. It's playing with fire.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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