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A few years ago I had a bipolar breakdown and spent a week In hospital. The experience made me question meaning of life ect and also had lots of unanswered questions.

* I had nurses, psychologists and a psychiatrist visit me after I got out how common is this?

*I became obsessed with sports and religion one nurse visited me I wouldn't let her In the house as I got s bad vibe anybody else had this? Is it bipolar symptom or something?

*I had a number I could call at the hospital. After I was discharged I wasn't allowed to call it again is this also common practice?

*I was told one day it would be x nurse visit me but someone else came and they made excuses like they were on holiday.

*The psychologist was intrigued by what I said and also said I may ask questions in future. I became obsessed with safe colours this interested her too.

*When I was ill all my family were up all night because I could call them at like 4am? Also when I was ill my parents said "I wouldn't get back" this sticks in my mind because I believe it meant I would either be hospitalised forever or I would die. Which did they mean?

*A psychiatrist said to me theropy wasn't suitable for me why did they do this and ever since I had to go private?

*They said I had an acute stress reaction why did they misdiagnose me and a week later decide it was bipolar because my parents said I had bipolar in 2005?

Would be grateful if anybody could answer these questions or share similar experiences of time in hospital with anxiety, depression or bipolar ect?

Another is when I was ill I became obsessed with "signs" signs of dying ect

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I can try answering these from my own experiance as well as the knowledge i have about dpdr and from studying psychology through bullet points as well.

*it depends on how severe your experiance was or what you or your family agree on. They not only had me on prescribed meds after discharge but i had to start seeing a therapist/psychiatrist. I could have more done too but i showed alittle improvement so i didnt need much more than that.

*obsessing about things is quite normal, even without mental illness. And simply because you were overwhelmed at the time, it couldve made you more paranoid than normal OR the nurse couldve just been plain wierd. Its not really a bi polar symptom, more anxiety based to be paranoid.

*yes thats common. Because after discharge, you have other resouces availiable to you.

*thats not something to worry about. The nurse that was suppose to come had her reasons for not showing up and its her job to help so thats on her. Stuff comes up. Shit happens. If you think its because she didnt want to see you or something then who cares, right?

*the psychiatrist is probably interested as it gives her a better idea of whats going on in your head which is important for her to find ways to help you.

*your fam was probably worried about you which is completely understandable. I can STILL call my fam at any time of day or night. When your parents said "you wouldnt get back" they probably ment your still inhibiting yourself.i garruntee your perfectly capable of getting out of this and returning to a more normal state. The mind/brain is a maliable and flexable thing that constantly changes. What your going through is normal.

*that psychiatrist sounds absurd. Therapy is something suitable for literally anyone, even for things other than mental illness. If it helps you, dont stop going to therapy. Because you have dpdr, look for a therapist who is familiar with disociative disorders. Sorting this stuff out alone can be incredibly hard, if not impossible for some people.

*you could have both. You couldve already had bi polar and then just had an acute stress reaction or nervous breakdown on top of it. Id also like to point out your brain can change and recover from certain mental illness and/or develop another. I was diagosed with more than five mental conditions after being admitted to the mental hospital. And to top all those off, i developed dpdr. But ive improved, if not cured a few of those other disorders too.

Final thoughts: You seem to worry alot about these things being normal and i promise that they are. Try doing things to calm yourself down when anxiety gets high. You can do deep breathing, grounding exercizes, try tea if you drink it, guided meditation helps me alot too, talking to people helps and writing your thoughts, worrys and reasurring things to yourself on paper or digitally can help organize your thoughts. Stay strong, this is normal and you can get better.

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I've been to a hospital many times, too, and I can tell you from your responses that you do seem to have an idealized view of psychiatry. It is understandable, from all the propaganda we receive about it, but the unfortunately, that's not really the case. And you probably won't find much actual help or enlightenment from a hospital stay. The purpose of the hospital is to temporarily house bothersome people until they can be considered "safe" to enter the community again, or to be housed elsewhere. That's it. You WILL get a diagnosis at the hospital, regardless of why you entered or what problems you may be experiencing. This is so that they can justify whatever treatment they want to give you. I wouldn't get too hung up on the diagnosis you get at a hospital. All I can recommend to you is to look at your own self, your own problems, do your own research, and come to your own conclusions about what is best for you. You may require doctors if you want to try a particular treatment, but try not to go into it thinking the doctor is an authority on are the expert on that subject.
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