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Just chipping in at how medications affected me when I had DP. Just my two cents.

Celexa- first med, no change.
Xanax- helped somewhat with anxiety.
Effexor- personally didn't like it, some people do.
Luvox- no change.
Trazadone- fabulous for sleep. Freaking fabulous.
Ambien- decent for sleep.
Zoloft- no change.
Valium- good for anxiety.
Klonopin- best for anxiety.
Adderall- Had a positive effect but made it difficult to rest and have downtime. Eventually the more I recovered I didn't take it and I think it would have been detrimental for me by that point. Also had an eating disorder so i switched docs to one that would not prescribe it.
Ritalin- similar to adderall but less effective.
Provigil-decent wakefulness pill, took it later on instead of Adderall. But I didn't take it to manage DP.
Lexapro- no effect.

I think I took other things but I can't remember.
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