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Existential thoughts after Experiencing weed

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hey first of all sorry about my english . i watched some of your videos o youtube and i dont no how get rid of that .about an year ago i was try weed for the first time and that was a big mistake.after two day i began to feel weird and anxious in general.​
fast forward I started having existential thoughts Mostly what consciousness is? who am i ? What makes me me ? And all kinds of existential questions whose content is mainly about who I am or what am I? he anxiety levels were huge until I couldn't function at all day I was in bed barely eating . I went to a psychiatrist and he prescribed me Escitalopram 10mg pills and after few Months 20 mg . Today I am in such a state That my existence is stressing and horrifying to me. And I don't know what to do about it How to shake it off .
Is it at all depersonalizing??! or just I got stuck in a state of madness!
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Thank you so much for the response

You are still experiencing it?

And how can you overcome it if your existence scares you?
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