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existential fun

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you can have fun with the thoughts that pop in your mind...

when you get those funny existential thoughts, capture them and see what they do, no matter how anxious you get just see what shit your mind makes up.

i find it rather interesting.

i remember thinking o this is all pointless, everyone here is fake, the world is just a holographic projection on my mind. what did this make me feel like.... yes anxious at first, but fuck it

in the end i found it rather interesting to explore what these thoughts can make you actually believe.

The mind thinks DANGER at first.... everything is fake this is a hallucination DANGER DANGER... then you get past that stage and it you start to see it as a rather intricate hallucination with lots of things to do, touch and interact with, and then it comes to you.............

o shit, yeah this is LIFE.

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