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Existence & Memory.

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I feel like I've lost it all today. Must be more than dp. This has to be some defect in my brain.

I've been awake 8 hours and each hour it feels as if I have just woken up, thats how bad my short term memory is at the moment.

No feeling of Emotion. No feeling of Existence. Terrible Memory. Why Live?

This board has changed alot since I first joined, so if (and thats a big IF) I do get a reply, please no smart arse comments that I have seen floating around the board lately.
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People post smart ass comments (of which I seem to be a big offender) because being fucked up causes a person to become angry, and injecting some wit even if it is at times harsh, can be a good way of letting off some of that emotion. As long as it is not maliciously directed at anyone, intending to hurt them.

Otherwise I hope you are feeling better. I'm sure you have gone through a similar experience and if you believe that you have not, it is probably simply a function of TRYING to find something wrong with you. Theres a very small chance of there being anything physically wrong with you. I would say to try to distract yourself, while consciously recognizing the fact that it will pass as it always does. Thats woefully inadequate, and I'm sure that someone will have better advice, but sometimes its all you can do.
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