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My mind fails to quit thinking about those two. I start thinking...

well, in order to know what HOT is, you must also be aware of COLD
in order to know what HAPPY is, you'd have to have felt SADNESS
in order to know what LIGHT is, there would have to be DARK
etc, etc.

and I always come to the question: In order for something to EXIST, the opposite must be there as well, NON-EXISTANCE.

the ying and the yang, if you will

so if I do truely EXIST, NON-EXISTANCE must also ... exist.

I am most likely not making any sense.

Ironically I just bought and am reading a book on Taoism which says the same thing. For instance, there is no beauty without ugliness. Yin and yang like you say! Sometimes I wonder if me being Buddhist and reading books on Taoism makes me more susceptible to dp!! :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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