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I was reading somewhere that it's not actually glutamate that causes the problem with DP. Having high glutamate in and of itself is not an issue. The issue is calcium ions. Glutamate neurotransmitters act as a gateway allowing certain molecules into the neurons. When you have too much glutamate the pathway is held open allowing too much calcium and other elements to flood the cell. This results in excitotoxicity and cell-death.

My question is that if DP is a result of high glutamate would eating things like dairy and cheese be dangerous? I know this might sound silly I'm just worrying if this could cause permanent brain damage if you have too much calcium. As DP can be caused by irregular calcium channels.
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I suppose it won't cross the blood-brain barrier.
If your brain has too much glutamate allowing too much calcium into cells...then how can we lower glutamate levels. It's funny but I always felt better when I ate things with a lot of glutamate.
This glutamate does not cross the blood brain barrier and so won't reach the brain if you're healthy.

There are certain drugs, which can reduce glutamate release and glutamate neurotransmission in the brain, like anticonvulsives.
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