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I went to my therapist and she told me about how a mental breakdown/dark severe period works:

When you are at your lowest point e.g severe derealization, depression, etc, everything is black, like black paper. In the beginning you will once in a while but rarely, have a good day. You add one white polka dot to the black paper. The white dot symbolizes light(good day). The next month you might have two or three days that are good. You add two/three whiote dots to the black. In the following months to come you might have a good week or two. You add 7-14 white dots.

The point is that as time goes by, more and more white dots will appear on the black paper until eventually it is nothing but white. It is then when everything is white then you are recovered.

Thought this might help as to how these anxiety realted illnesses work.

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