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Everything seems like getting worst and worst.

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Everything seems getting worst and worst regarding my GF having suspected DP and wanna have temporary break for 3 months with me.

I thought of giving her time and space, and it see if she will be feeling better. But end up she feeling not even feeling better because she found out that I have contacted her aunt and parents to get to know about her. She feels that i still could not let go of her temporary and even not feeling well to me. I am feeling numbed and betrayed as i am trying to give her some time and space and at the same time get to know her through her families, but end up failed to do so and even getting worst.

Last night, I was thinking to break up with her for permanently, no more three months because I think that break up with her permanently will make her feel better and let her feel that i let go of her completely. Now our temporary break had passed by 1 month, 2 months to go. She said she even not feeling well on me and her close friend advise me to give her more space or else she will not only leaves me, she leaves everyone also. Nowadays we don't know what is she think, whether she is suffering or lying on us, nobody knows. What my friend advise is let her feel comfortable and better before she is getting worst and ignoring us.

Now I am completely LOST, DEPRESSED, CONFUSED of her weird reaction. She is completely different. I can see she wants a restart on her life and now i even don't know whether she is having suspected DP or not as she said her feeling is almost gone or maybe stress or whatever, I have lost my direction. I can't work happily, move on my life happily, and so on. If this keep on going and going, i think i am the one who get stressed and get DP, not her.

Sorry for long-winded message. But i have no choice and i am feeling hopeless and helpless right now, i don't know what should i do for next, i can't really move on and my life is full of darkness.
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Alfred, I understand the way you must be feeling. It sucks to think the person you love doesn't want to be with you anymore, and I'm sure many people here can agree with me
But here's the hard part Alfred. Sometimes you have to let go. Give her space. Give her the time to rest and come back to normal. The pushing you are doing may be stressing her and delaying her recovery. Let me tell you this, everything will be okay. If she doesn't come back there's so many people out there its ridiculous. PM me sometime if you have to talk bud.
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