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Everything is a programmed response

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Does the concept of emotion or feeling ever seem strange or robotic to anyone? When I think about it, it's almost as if we are programmed machines. When I think about my responses to emotions, situations, tragedies...I realize that they are programmed and that I have no control over them.

-When we feel happy, the programmed response is to be productive, social, caring etc..

-When we feel sad, the programmed response is to alienate one's self, search desperately for any ounce of hope.

-When we are in pain or sick, the programmed response is to conserve energy, lay in bed, protect our wounds or wish for death.

-When you are horny, you masturbate or look for sex.

Heres my point...

If anyone ever thinks of their situation and how they may respond to the pain of DP/DR, anxiety, just realize that the response you feel to it is merely a programmed response that you have no control over. You may have the illusion that you have control, but you don't. It's a painful programmed response, i know. We all respond the same to pain. Don't kick yourself for being in pain.
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Of course it programmed responses. Remember pavlov's dog? When we're on a low energy state we tend to be more primitive on those responses.

I think what we are most afraid of is the concept of negative emotions being even a possibility!

The good news are that they are programmed not hard-wired. You can change them. I went on the last couple of years and still am going through more cognitive-behavior changes than most people would go on their entire lifes! That is true for any deep introspection and change process.

Change can be sometimes slow but once you're there, you're there. You've changed. You're it. Your're not still struggling to get a new behavior. The behavior, the thinking processes is you!

And that goes on and on, you're on a level, then boing, suddenly last month doesn't seem like you now anymore, and that is the truth, you are not the same person you were last day.

One of the top beliefs I encourage you all to change is the one about the past and what that means to you. Not the past content itself (of course you want to let that go too but that one takes more time), I mean the feelings you have towards grabbing onto stuff, towards being afraid to explore new things and most important to allow yourself to be touched by those things.

A success story of mental disturbance ends with a above average happy and productive individual.

I'm having the joy to discover that as being true.
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