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Everything is a programmed response

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Does the concept of emotion or feeling ever seem strange or robotic to anyone? When I think about it, it's almost as if we are programmed machines. When I think about my responses to emotions, situations, tragedies...I realize that they are programmed and that I have no control over them.

-When we feel happy, the programmed response is to be productive, social, caring etc..

-When we feel sad, the programmed response is to alienate one's self, search desperately for any ounce of hope.

-When we are in pain or sick, the programmed response is to conserve energy, lay in bed, protect our wounds or wish for death.

-When you are horny, you masturbate or look for sex.

Heres my point...

If anyone ever thinks of their situation and how they may respond to the pain of DP/DR, anxiety, just realize that the response you feel to it is merely a programmed response that you have no control over. You may have the illusion that you have control, but you don't. It's a painful programmed response, i know. We all respond the same to pain. Don't kick yourself for being in pain.
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odd, i was just thinking about this a couple of days ago
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