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hey, well today I had my appointment with an adult psychiatrist.... I have a diagnostic battle in terms of SSRI induced TLE.... I am also in a % where the seizures have not yet shown up and I haven't had some of the tests that people have (MRI etc) I know the appropriate tests will be done in time..... I just got so worked up today cos I know that Lustral has damaged me(am still quite traumatised by this) and it is bad enough having a neuropsychiatric disorder without getting the help...I am getting it but it takes time and stuff....
I took some photos along today as evidence of my physical symptoms (excessive sweating and other sz related activity) and am gonna be getting relevant tests done...I haven't got the second bit of the appointment till 4-6 weeks (fair enough,waiting times and all that) and then will be having a Neuropsychiatric reasses too....
It's the intimidation of the situation that gets me down( being in % where hasn;t shown up yet therefore just as undiagnosed made to feel like a fake or something when am not) I have researched ssri damage and also TLE diagnosis and there is enough to show the fact that normal tests doesn't mean it's not happening...... I feel this weird doomy feeling sometimes and it's not nice :( :( I know I will get the right help just dunno why im so impatient sometimes....
I want to avoid misdiagnosis and will go to court if i have to get the right one (for now though that ideas setaside as i may get the right diag hopefully by end of this year and don't want to jeopardise current treatment)
I've got everything else OK, except that things are unbalanced.
I'm at uni too and now I could either defer till next year or simply just stay on (conditions pretty bad at mo tho :( )
I try my best, have the most loving mother and friends too :)
Am staying strong
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