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Hi, im new here!

Im really dp'd out right now, and just wanna talk and ask some questions.

Been suffering from dr/dp since i was 11 years old (i turn 25 this year).
When i was younger i felt it now and then, nowadays tho im sorry to say, i feel it almost all the time..
The wierd thing is, it still freaks me out, should have learned by now that its nothing to be afraid of :roll:

Anyway, the thing that bugs me the most is the feeling that close friends and family seem foreign from time to time.
Do you guys ever experience that, and how do you deal with it?

I try not to think about it, but its hard when your girlfriend you been together with for many years all of a sudden feels like a stranger.
Please tell me someone else can relate to this :?

Got tons of other symtoms aswell, like feeling dissconnected from my surroundings, my body feels foreign and so on..
And im always wined up like a spring, ready to burst.
Funny thing is tho, i often hear people saying that im always so calm etc,
but thats me, always showing a good face on the outside.

Well, thats my first post. Sorry for any miss-spellings, english is not my main language :wink:

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Welcome to the boards.

First off, your English is excellent - better than a lot of people I know who actually are English, in fact.

What you're feeling is totally "normal" within the realms of DP/DR, and, though they're different to the way I personally experience it, the symptoms you describe represent very common sensations consistent with DP/DR.

I'd say that what you describe leans more towards the side of derealization than depersonalization, though I can't say for sure.

Even though you've had it for so long, the prospects for recovery are still pretty good, and, from your post, you seem to be coping ok as it is. Hopefully you'll stick around and you might just learn some more about how to cope. I know this site's helped me a great deal.

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Thanks for the answer, and thank you for your comments on my english :)

Yeah, when thinking of it in a somewhat "normal" state of mind
i know that it is a common dp/dr sensation.
But when it strikes so hard like it does sometimes you "know"
you are not far away from total madness (haven't experienced it yet tho.. :wink: )
Then it feels good to read that someone else is going thru the same thing.

Yeah, im coping ok as it is, somehow i've learned to deal with it, but to a certain extent that is.
It is very easy to get isolated, and there is so much stuff that seems to be impossible when dealing with dp/dr.

For me, the best thing to do is not to think about it so much.
You dont know whats going to happend tomorrow,
and even with dp/dr, life cant always be bad.
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