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Well does anyone get euphoria in here without the use of marijuana? just when your not doing anything and it suddenly comes on. My mom suspects i am bipolar type 2, (she is a psychiatrist) All i know is that one of my uncles is bipolar, but that was from heavy cocaine/heroin use. Anyways sometimes i feel so good like im a ghost and have these boosts of energy and all the colors seem so bright, its similar to the effects of marijuana, It kind of feels like how you feel after you helped someone with something important and they thank you, leaves you with a happy, proud feeling, it usually happens when im watching a movie or listening to music and get really into it. Just wondering if any of you have felt like this
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loads. i just feel high all the time. it's not even bad anymore. but i still want to be down on the ground. it's lonely being high all the time even when you aren't scared. but i've been psychiatristed today and told that i don't have dp, and also am lying about which drugs i've taken, and that the therapy they said i was getting won't help so i can't have it. i'm in a really bad mood now, but still high and happy as a kite. weird combination of feelings. but it is way better than being scared, anything's better than that, i should be grateful.

it feels like being on coke, what i think you're talking about. sometimes i get that. sometimes i get something more like i imagine heroin. real deep dp, can't move my limbs, but soooo content and relaxed. and it just happens suddenly.
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