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english drinking

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I am so fed up with the drinking culture here in the UK, it drives me mad!!! Why is there this constant banging pressure to drink yourself stupid every time you go out at night :?: :!: :?:

Why cant i go out, enjoy the company of my friends and drinks coke, or maybe one beer. I snapped today at some friends for constantly harassing me about not drinking, no dont get me wrong, they are good boys but my god it wore me down. I feel bad for letting myself snap and we made up after but i cant wait to emmigrate to some other country without this constant pressure.

Sorry for the rant, but this country sucks :shock:
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Drinking minimises DP for me (and 'makes me more human' as someone told me) so ive always kind of liked it, but then again hangovers from getting grossly drunk have provoked some of the worst experiences ive ever had. I could swear ive almost died more than once, or it felt that way.

Ive really cut down over the last year or so, but thats more because...well i dont know, i just dont go out anymore.

Yeah the UKs definately pretty bad for stupid levels of late night drunken behaviour and fighting on the streets etc, but maybe its worth remembering that its been like that on and off since Shakespeares time. Nothing new, its just a new incarnation of an old problem.

In fact its surely just symptomatic of deeper and more pervasive problems (broken homes, spiritual vacuity, dead end jobs and meaningless existences... but then that may just be me :? ).
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